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How It Works

A woman receiving her order of Sole Dynamix custom insoles at home.

Our Revolutionary Process

1. Take the Questionnaire

2. Scans or Impressions

3. Receive Your Delivery

1. Take the Questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions about your needs and any foot issues. This helps us modify your insoles for the perfect fit. Our product line offers three unique styles: Comfort, Sport, and Condition-Specific.

Complete the Quiz

2. Send Your Scans or Impressions

After placing your order, we’ll need to collect information about your foot shape. You can choose from ONE of two options:

  1. Scans: Download the Sole Dynamix app on your iPhone X or newer. Follow the simple instructions to scan the bottom and sides of your feet. OR
  2. Impressions: Use the free impression kit we mail you. Carefully step into the foam to create impressions of your feet.

Download the App

3. Receive Your Delivery

After sending us your scans or foam impressions, your work is done. We’ll design models of your custom insoles and 3D print them in our lab in South Bend, Indiana, USA. We’ll ship your insoles within two weeks. Get ready to feel the support of foot orthotics customized for you.

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