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How to Scan

Our industry-leading technology is trusted by orthotic professionals to create anatomical 3D scans. It’s all possible from your couch. Just complete your purchase, scan your feet, and wait for your custom insoles to be delivered.

Scanning Requirements

Our app is designed for the iPhone X and later models. It uses the iPhone’s built-in technology to create precise 3D scans. If your phone is not compatible, we will ship you a foam foot impression kit.

Foot Impression Kit

Scan Your Own Feet

You can complete your own scan without any help. Simply rest your foot on the opposite knee and start scanning. To ensure accurate results, keep your foot and ankle steady as you hold them at a 90-degree angle.

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Scan With Assistance

A little teamwork never hurts. If you have someone to help you, simply:

  • Prop your bare foot up on a chair
  • Keep your foot and ankle at a 90-degree angle
  • Remain still as your partner scans your foot
  • Double-check the scan to make sure there are no large gaps
A successful scan may take a few tries. Watch the video above for additional details.

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Get an Alternative to Scanning

Foam Foot Impression Kits