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The New Way to Get Foot Pain Relief Fast

The New Way to Get Foot Pain Relief Fast

New Technologies Deliver Custom Insoles to Your Home for Less.



Your feet are hurting—and maybe your ankles, legs, back, or other areas. You’ve heard that custom insoles for your shoes can really work. 


But you don’t want to wait weeks or months to get them. 


The traditional process can take a long time and cost a lot of money. But there is a new process that is easier, faster, less expensive, and more convenient. It’ll fit into your busy lifestyle. 


The answer is mail-order custom insoles. They’re still crafted based on the exact shape of your unique feet—for the issues and goals you have. But you’ll be able to get them from home in weeks instead of months. 

The Traditional Process: Slower, Less Convenient ($400–$800)

We’re going to discuss the traditional process so we can contrast and highlight the advantages of the new one. But if you really need foot relief fast, skip ahead to the next section. 


Here are the usual steps to the traditional process (which many people are still dealing with):


  • Foot Issue: You develop a foot issue. Your soles are aching, your feet are rolling, your ankles are inflamed, or a similar issue.
  • Procrastination: You may put off a doctor visit because you know that it’s going to be slow and expensive and inconvenient.
  • Doctor Appointment: You finally get an appointment and wait some time to get in to see a family doctor…dealing with foot pain the whole time. The doctor sends you to a foot specialist.
  • Podiatrist: After weeks of waiting, the podiatrist finally diagnoses the issue, then prescribes a foot orthotic, sending you to an orthotist. 
  • Orthotist: You get another appointment, this time for an orthotist. This specialist measures your feet and examines your walking style. 
  • Making Your Insoles: After your measurements are taken, the orthotist either fabricates your insoles in their lab or sends them to another facility to be created. You’ll wait several more weeks for them to arrive.
  • Fitting: You return to your orthotist to get the foot orthotics placed into your shoes and get instructions for their use. 


At each stage of this process, you may be charged a copay to visit a clinician. Plus, many insurance plans don’t cover foot orthotics, leaving you to pay $400–$800 out of pocket.


Getting Foot Orthotics Conveniently from Home (50–75% Less Expensive)

Instead of all those slow, costly steps, you can now get custom insoles from home using your phone or computer. No appointments necessary. 


Here’s how the revolutionary Sole Dynamix system works: 


  • Foot Issue: Your feet hurt, and you quickly remember Sole Dynamix can help. 
  • Going Online: You immediately visit and take the quiz.
  • Get Your Measurements (Pick One): 
  •           Scan: Download our app to scan your feet at home with an iPhone 12 or newer. This technology can be more accurate than traditional methods.
  •           Impression Kit: Ask for a shipment of impression boxes. You simply step in them to create detailed impressions of your feet. 
  • Foot Orthotics Arrive: You get your custom shoe insoles in the mail—after about two weeks. They are 3D printed for your unique feet and needs. 


Instead of the $400–$800 price tag—and all those doctor visits and copays—we only charge $209. Plus, you don’t have to travel to different offices and pay for gas or insurance copays.


Risk-Free Relief

We guarantee your satisfaction for 90 days after getting your custom shoe insoles. Follow the break-in instructions to get your feet used to them, then feel the difference.


Then, if you need any changes, we’ll make adjustments for FREE. Your foot orthotics are created in the USA, so our lab will quickly make your changes and get them back to you. 


Plus, we offer a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee—or your money back. 



Order Now for Faster Pain Relief Than Ever

You can finish your order extremely quickly from home. There’s just no reason to waste time and money on the old process. 


Plus, we’ll store your scans or impressions for five years, and we can 3D print more insoles for you whenever you need them, saving even more time.


Whether you choose our smartphone app or mail-in impression boxes, our instructions will walk you through the simple process. It’s designed to be easy and convenient. Anyone can do it.


So, let’s get your feet and ankles realigned, your legs feeling better. Let’s get you mobile again and relieve your pain. To get your custom foot orthotics in just weeks and save money, visit our products page to get started.