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In this assessment, you'll answer a few questions, and then we’ll create your custom insole recommendation. You can get some tips below on key questions—or click the button now to take your first step toward foot health!


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What to Expect: Ordering Process

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You'll answer a few simple questions, and we'll use your answers to recommend insoles that fit your foot health needs.


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Send Your Impressions

To perfectly contour your custom insoles for your feet, we need foot impressions. Use our iPhone app or our free impression kit.

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Pick Your Foot Condition (or Skip)

Use ONE of these options when we ask if you suffer from foot conditions:

  1. Click on Your Condition(s): Choose one foot condition—or click two or more! We can design your custom insoles for one or a few at the same time. OR
  2. Skip This Step: Click "Next" if you don't have a specific condition. We always design your insoles for optimal health and comfort, whether you have a specific condition or need general foot relief.

Choose Scans or Impressions

To make custom insoles perfectly contoured to your feet, we need you to send us impressions of your feet. Choose just ONE method:

  1. iPhone App: If you have an iPhone X or newer (or can borrow one), download our free app to scan your feet in 3D. Don't worry, we'll help you complete this in just a few minutes! OR
  2. Impression Kit: We'll send you an easy-to-use impression kit in the mail—also for free! Detailed yet simple instructions included.

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Pick Full Length vs 3/4 Length

Choose ONE insole style, based on your shoe type:

  • Full Length: For standard shoes that have removable insoles. Your new insoles replace the old.
  • 3/4 Length: For dress shoes without removable insoles—for a great fit.
There’s no obligation to buy after this assessment. You can save your results for later, and keep exploring our website to understand custom insoles better. Contact us if you have any questions!

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