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Condition-Specific - $209

These insoles help relieve painful foot conditions. The 3D-printed base includes a semi-flexible arch that takes pressure off problem areas. For your condition(s), we build in contoured, high-quality material and padding where you need it most—based on your 3D foot impressions. Orthotic insoles like these are prescribed by foot doctors to help with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, hammer toes, pronation, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, and other issues. They work well as a standalone product or as a supplement to other medical interventions.

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Built for Your Unique Feet

  • 3D Printed Base: Built with a unique structure for your specific foot condition, using your foot impressions. Strategically shaped to gently move your feet into correct position, based on clinical experience with hundreds of patients with your foot condition(s).

  • Hybrid Arch: Semi-flexible arch for the perfect blend of stability and freedom of movement, relieving pressure in problem areas and spreading body weight better to relieve foot stress

  • Open Heel (Optional): For some heel and sole conditions, extra padding is added in an open heel design for shock absorption and comfort

  • Heel Post: Wide base of support to reduce foot pronation and supination (rolling inward or outward)

  • Deep Heel Cup: Improved stability for the whole foot, starting in your heel

  • Padding Layer: Premium padding for cloudlike comfort, from your toes to your heels

  • Long-Lasting Top Cover: Durable and antimicrobial, helping to control bacteria and odor

An inside look at the Condition-Specific shoe insole, exposing the top cover, padding, custom bottom shell, and heel pad.

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