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Sport - $209

Sport insoles are designed for high performance. They help align the internal systems of your feet and ankles, which promotes peak performance with fewer injuries. The dynamic arch support system is flexible enough for natural motion and provides excellent shock absorption. The energy-returning padding will also put a spring in your step.

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Dynamic Support for High Performance and Safety

  • 3D Printed Base: Contoured to your unique feet, distributing body weight correctly to maintain optimal foot position and reduce fatigue

  • Heel Post: Wide base of support to reduce foot pronation and supination (rolling inward or outward), helping prevent injury on the field

  • Deep Heel Cup: Improved stability for the whole foot, starting in your heel

  • Dynamic Arch: Semi-rigid arches for flexible, stress-relieving support and range of motion

  • Energy-Returning Padding: High-performance padding for shock absorption, energy return, and putting a spring in your step

  • Open Heel (Optional): Additional comfortable padding in an open heel design for added shock absorption

  • Top Cover: Durable and antimicrobial, stands up to a beating while helping to control odor

An exploded Sport shoe insole, showing the top cover, padding, custom bottom shell, and heel pad.

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